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Please note: Killi Hill Closed for Construction

Route only open for Elgin MTB Permit holders to Oak Valley.

Paul Cluver Pear Schnapps

The heart of the fruit is captured in naturally fermenting pears grown in the orchards of Elgin.

Careful double distillation of small batches in a cognac style copper pot still preserves the richness of aromas throughout the process from tree to palate.

Originating on the Paul Cluver Estate, capturing the Spirit of Elgin, this schnapps may be appreciated chilled as an aperitif or digestive, an accompaniment to coffee or cocktails and an ingredient or food pair in imaginative culinary offerings.

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Available Downloads

Tasting Notes:  pdf Apple and Pear Product descriptions (132 KB)

Hi-Res Styled Shot:  image Pear Schnapps (94 KB)

Hi-Res Bottle Shot:  image Paul Cluver Pear Snapps (1.55 MB)


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