21 February 2024 - Paul Clüver
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2024 Harvest Season Has Begun

Harvest 2024 began at Paul Clüver Family Wines in the week of 5 February, with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as the first two varieties in the picking bins. Like most of the Cape’s wine regions, our vineyard team began harvesting approximately ten days earlier than the norm, mainly due to the dry and warm conditions experienced since late December, which led to quick, early ripening.

Grapes have, however, ripened to brilliant expressions of varietal character, and as the juice began to ferment, the cellar team’s opinion is that wine quality looks set to be excellent this year. There is a tune-fork precision in the balance between sugar and acidity, and low pH levels will ensure wine health.

Despite some vineyard blocks ripening earlier than usual, specific older vineyards are taking their time, and some of these will be harvested at their expected dates in late February and early March. Still, the harvest team is currently in full force. Grapes are cut in the coolness of morning and then sent to a cool room to chill and bolster freshness overnight. Each berry is hand-sorted the next day to ensure only the finest fruit is accepted for vinification.

This year’s harvest season still has a long way to go, but the palpable excitement in the air is one of anticipation and a feeling of being blessed to work with top-quality grapes and to play a part in creating Paul Clüver Family Wines