Seven Flags

An exclusive icon Cape Chardonnay made from 35-year-old vines, the first Chardonnay to be planted on Paul Clüver Family wines and bearing Heritage Old Vine Status. Spontaneous fermentation and maturation in selected Burgundian barrels allow this wine to show a true sense of place as well as the patience, passion and skill of our cellarmaster. With South Africa making some of the best Chardonnay wines in the world, Paul Clüver Seven Flags proudly flies the flag at the top of the Cape offering of this noble Burgundian grape variety.

The Estate Chardonnay

As the oldest commercial Chardonnay producer in Elgin, Paul Clüver Chardonnay is a site-specific rendition of the farm’s signature white grape variety. Aged in French oak it has gained a reputation for accurately expressing terroir as well as an estate that is inextricably linked to the ethos of Chardonnay.

Village Chardonnay

Made from younger vines and matured in used barrels of French oak, Village Chardonnay offers the everyday delights of a sunny, engaging and delicious white wine expressing the singular nuances that has made Chardonnay the most popular white wine in the world.

Savour the Essence
of Elgin Wines