Estate Range

This range of wines is made from grapes growing on Paul Clüver Family Wines Elgin property where regenerative farming compliment unique Elgin terroir to create wines of accurate site expression.

The Estate
Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, the noble red grape variety of Burgundy in France, was first planted on the Paul Clüver property in 1988 and is one of our most awarded and most esteemed wine offerings. Ancient soils of Bokkeveld shale and clay as well as the elevated cool climate allows Pinot Noir to ripen slowly, drawing the complex flavour profile for which the variety is known. Individual berry-sorting, natural fermentation and 12mths maturation in oak leads to a wine of distinction and class that has made Paul Clüver Estate Pinot Noir one of South Africa’s finest renditions of this beguiling variety.

The Estate

When pioneering viticulture in Elgin, Dr Paul Clüver planted the appellation’s first commercial Chardonnay vineyards in 1987. This has led to Elgin becoming one of South Africa’s most famous regions for Chardonnay, the world’s most famous white wine and known for its ability to express a sense of place like no other white grape variety. Grapes for Paul Clüver Estate Chardonnay are whole-bunch pressed and undergo a natural fermentation before maturing in barrel for nine months. This wine is one of South Africa’s best-known Chardonnays for its unrivalled quality and reflection of the unique geography where its vineyards are set.

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