01 June 2022 - Paul Clüver
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Lamb Ragout Linguini With Gremolata



Dust the lamb in seasoned flour and brown in a hot pot until golden.

Add the onion, celery, leek and 1 punnet of mushrooms and allow to brown slightly.

Add the red wine and simmer until the wine has almost cooked away, then add the tomato puree, beef stock and rosemary. Cover the pot and simmer gently until for about 2 hours, or until the meat is tender. Allow to cool.

Cook the linguini until al dente.

Take the lamb out the pot and shred the meat from any bones. Strain the liquid and place the liquid and lamb back into the pot. If the mixture needs to be thickened, add a spoon of slaked cornflour.

In a frying pan, add 100g butter and fry the second punnet of mushrooms until cooked. Add the mushrooms and linguini to the lamb pot, mix and season well and allow to warm through.

For the Gremolata:

Mix together the lemon zest, finely chopped parsley, garlic, olive oil and seasoning in a bowl.

Dish up the linguini, sprinkle with a good amount of parmesan cheese and drizzle over 2 spoonfuls of the gremolata mix.

Serve with a glass of Paul Clüver Pinot Noir.

Servings: 4 pax